• This option is for small Courier companies with a total of 1 or 2 people in the company. This live webinar includes an Owner/Admin Manual and free access to our Administrative training module.

  • This option is for Courier companies with a total of 4 or more owner/admins, office staff, dispatchers, sales, and drivers in the company. This live webinar includes one Owner/Admin Manual, one Dispatch manual if applicable, and access to our Administrative training module.

The "additional" fee options below are for new attendee's, above and beyond the rate above.  If the attendee is an employee, an electronic (PDF) manual will be provided to the courier company and should accompany the training. Choose the price that coincides with the number of trainee’s you will have, above the first four.  The fee is per additional attendee.  For example if you are training 30 total, since the first four are included, pay for each additional 26 attendees in the appropriate box.

If you are a new attendee for an established company and will be attending by yourself, select the first option below ($45.00) by entering the number 1. 

If you received a coupon or discount code, you will have a chance to enter it prior to paying.


Re-certification.  If you are paying for re-certification of attendee(s) whose certificate expired less than 3 months ago, or is approaching their expiration date, the rate is reduced to $28.00 per attendee (or $24 per attendee if your company will train more than 200).  Certificates that are expired by more than three months may require attendance and payment of a "new" training webinar vs the shortened "refresher" training. If you're unsure, give us a call (719-502-7081).


Additional Manuals.  For new clients scheduled for full company training, or existing current clients needing additional printed and bound manuals. Please note: Manuals cannot be purchased separately from training!



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